I am a Digital Colorist for films and commercials based in China.

Currently known as a heterodox and conceptually bold colorist, being able to tackle any genre, style and format, my experience in the postproduction field goes back a decade; while my passion goes back since very young.

With a mix of technical studies (film and tv tech) and a creative upbringing (son of a musician/composer), my interest would always fall into visual media and storytelling, which eventually led me into the Colorist's world, having graded over 40 feature films, dozens of TV Commercials and TV shows; in 3 continents (Asia, Europe, America), in 3 different languages (Spanish, English, Chinese).

I consider myself a craftsman whose first priority is collaborating with the Director, Photographer, VFX Supervisor, and Producer to deliver the desired image, no matter the challenges we face, and when possible, with some fun.

I keep learning everyday with the professionals around me, and get new ideas and inspirations from several different fields: from film to still photography, from comicbooks to painting, from videogames to music, etc.


You can check my resume (CV) in Chinese, while LinkedIn profile, Instagram and IMDB in English the links below.

David Rivero Martin /大卫.里维罗 (李大卫)

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